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Things learned this semester: Coming into this class this past semester I already knew how to work in Photoshop and Illustrator, but I was a little rusty at first since I hadn’t worked in these programs since senior year of high school. After the first two projects, I started to get back into the swing of things and was then able to take my skills a step further. The projects pushed my creativity into more than I thought it would. A few of the assignments were things I had done previously in high school, but I was able to do them quicker and with a high quality of work this time around. I learned how to be more time efficient in my work, cutting down the hours it took me to design for the assignments. Things came to me a lot quicker and I was able to put the designs on paper easier.

Revisions: when it came to project revisions, I re-edited four of my works for about an hour each piece. I reviewed the pointers that my instructor gave to me on how to revise the work to make it more successful then applied those changes to the overall project. The first project I revised was the Wesley College Open House poster. I broke the text down into two columns to create more use out of the negative space, and I also resized the Wesley logo to make it smaller in size compared to the rest of the text. I then went through and sized out the more important information for the audience to be able to see heiarchy. The next project I edited was my Fall Is assignment. I toned down the dodge and burn, and the hue and saturation settings I previously selected. The colors were a bit harsh throughout the assignment so I toned that back as well. I lightened up on the drop shadow behind the text and even made the text smaller to fit into the picture better. Lastly, I went through the mask with the new leaves on the ground layer and filled it into the areas where I had the two different layers meet. Before you could see a difference but now it is more of a subtle and unified change in scenery. The next project I edited was the Levitation project. I changed the text to a navy blue color to match the colors in the uniform and changed the size of “Babe Ruth” to show more variation among the text. I also blurred the background to bring out the foreground better for more contrast. Lastly, I fixed the placing of the shadow to make it seem more realistic from where the sun is in the image. The last project I edited was the Surreal Montage. I fixed an error in my quote that I used, from “wonder” to “wander”. I also went through the whole image to clean up any editing spots with the images I used. I used more that four images so I went through to fix the imperfections that I make have looked over before.

Images: I used one image on my cover of my portfolio. Here is the link to the image: http://unsplash.com/photos/rFBA42UFpLs