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Before Image

This project was based around taking an image that was given to us, the picture of the boring street above, and create a new interesting image based off of what was given to us. We had to blend two or more images together to create something interesting than just the street image. The sky was the limit when it came to this project so I decided to turn it into a natural appreciation project. I love wildlife and the open mountains so with the freedom we were given with this assignment I decided to create a simple, but eye catching image. I used Adobe Photoshop to complete this assignment.

 I learned how to advance my masking skills to be able to blend these different images together. I wanted to create hierarchy in my image through the road, and make it feel as if it was on a hill leading up to the mountains in the background. So while I was masking I was able to mask out some of the trees from the middle to make it seem as if they were positioned on the ground below the road. I also learned how to choose the best textures that would support the look and feel of my image. This is supposed to be around the winter time period so I chose textures that would enhance that feeling.