This whole idea behind this project was to create a brand for yourself, based off of what you want to do in the workforce after college. My goal is to become a graphic designer so I wanted to create a brand based off of that. I had to create my own logo, business cards, letterhead, and T-shirt all incorporating my brand. I used Adobe Lightroom to edit my images after I shot them, and then put them together in the collage using Adobe Photoshop.

 Some things I learned throughout this project was how tricky it is to come up with a label for yourself and then actually designing that on the page. It is hard for me to come up with a great logo for myself because I love using my name in these types of things. But sometimes using my name becomes hard when dealing with the length and initials. So I had to learn how to try out other designs that work specifically for me. It was also hard to think of all of these different designs. This project was a progression through two weeks and I used all of that time up figuring out the perfect design. I learned that this takes a lot of time at first but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier.