In this project we had to work directly in Word. This was more of a challenge for me since I am used to doing all of my designing in Illustrator and Photoshop. But we had to create an interesting poster for a charity of our choice, so I chose to do one for an Animal Kennel. I found a great high quality image and decided to work off of it using the variations of the color in the image as well as variations of the same shapes. I used Microsoft Word to complete this assignment. 

Throughout this project, I learned how to completely design a professional looking piece by just using word. It was hard in general to know what I wanted to do but not have the adobe tools in order to do it. But being able to learn the program taught me that later when I do become a graphic designer, I will be skilled in many programs. I also learned how to deal with the little kinks that word may have because it is not a program that is made for design. There were many times where the fonts weren’t saving and the boxes and text were not moving off of the grid like I wanted them to, but I found ways to make it better. I learned how to work through it instead of getting frustrated and shutting down.