This project was about taking 2-3 images and blending them together to create 1 image where you cannot tell where one picture ends and another begins. I also had to add a cut out to the image and place it somewhere within the blended images. All of these photos had to relate to the theme of fall and tell a story. My favorite thing about fall are the warm colors of oranges, yellows, and browns. I love when the leaves change and doing fall festivities, so I tried to show that in my project. I created this assignment in Adobe Photoshop.

 Throughout this project I learned how to blend images to create one. It was hard at first to make the image look realistic when there are two images put together but I used other tools to help make it look more realistic. I also learned how to use the dodge and burn tool to create a central focus of my piece as well as add darker areas for high contrast. Text was a little tricky because I wanted it to give off a warm feel without clashing with the background, so adding that darker border helps bring the text to the front.