This project was based around creating your own resume for future employment. In the future I would love to pursue a career within the graphic design field, so I geared my resume towards that job field. I wanted something that looked professional but something that also showed a preview of my skills within the adobe program I used to design this. I incorporated the use of lines within my resume to create repetition as well as a unique design element that is specific to my resume. I used adobe Indesign to complete this assignment.

I learned how to successfully design and create a resume for myself for the future. I learned how to use paragraph styles in this program in order to make all of my things look unified. I also learned a little bit more about myself. Obviously I knew that I have accomplished a lot while I have been in school, but once you have to gather it all up and put it on paper it brings it into reality. I have grown so much within this program since I first started designing in high school and I am proud of how far I have become.