This project was about taking a series of photos, one of the background without your subject and then one with you subject standing on something to get them to be off the ground. After brining the two photos into photoshop, I had to get rid of the stool, and give my subject the effect of looking like he was flying.

I learned how to levitate objects and what tools to use to give it a levitated look. I learned that capturing the right image can make or break your project and you may have to go back to get the right look you may have missed in the beginning. Also the thing your subject is standing on whether it be a stool or a chair has to be taken out very carefully and replaced with the background. If you aren’t careful you can also ruin the image by distorting it. Lastly, I learned that the effects you use to enhance the picture needs to match the message so the audience is not confused by the overall feel of the picture.