This project was about creating a final project of a menu. First I had to design a logo for the restaurant I was creating the menu for, so I decided to stick with a flying pig. I chose to draw the pig from behind because it was more creative than having it from the front looking on. Then I had to find great text and incorporate that into the logo design, which is shown above. Next, I had to start to design the menu lay out. I wanted to incorporate the lines from my logo design into my menu to create repetitiveness throughout the menu as a whole, so I added the lines to break up the different sections of the menu. Finally, I had to add the text into the menu. I used Adobe Illustrator for this assignment.

I learned that creating all these small parts to fit perfectly into the final project is difficult. I knew exactly how I wanted my menu to look as soon as I made my logo but when I went to actually complete it, it gave me a few troubles. Setting up the menu is a tedious thing that I did not realize until I completed my draft. But after seeing my draft I knew exactly where I needed to move things to make it more successful of a  piece.