In this assignment, I had to choose a National Park and create a poster and post card for that park. I decided to choose Yosemite National Park in California because of the beautiful images that were online of the park. This assignment was to create an appealing poster and post card to get people to want to come to visit the park. I used Adobe Indesign throughout the whole project.

I learned how to take my work to the next level and be able to create a piece that shows off my skills within these programs. I was able to make the logo in Illustrator and the rest of my work in InDesign and both fit together. I was also able to use different shapes set at different colors and opacities to get a unified look when put all together. Sometimes I have issues coming up with a coherent design and this time I feel like all the parts match together even though they may be different shapes. Overall, I was able to put everything together quicker and easier this time around!