The whole point behind this project was to choose  a subject, which I chose Wesley College’s Library, and take different pictures of that subject. I took photos from close range, medium range, and long shots. I also took some creative shots from different angles to make my subject more unique. Then we had to edit them in Lightroom and export them into photoshop where we would then begin to create the collage.

I learned how to work in Lightroom. This program is something I was not too sure of when I came into this semester, but now after editing these images in Adobe Lightroom I have a better understanding of it. Making them appear better but without being able for the audience to see that it has been retouched was my goal here and I think I was able to accomplish that. I also learned how Lightroom and photoshop work hand and hand together and how to export from one to another. This is going to make it super easy for me down the road when doing other projects as well.