For this assignment, I was able to create my own Portfolio Photobook completely based off of my own designs. I was able to choose which assignments of mine went into the book to eventually be printed along with how I wanted the assignments to appears on the pages. I was also able to design the covers and spine of my book based off of my design styles. I really liked this assignment because now I have a physical book of everything I have done so far in college that I can always either look back on or use at interviews in the future.

I learned how to fully work and take advantage of master pages. I wanted to make sure every single page looked the same throughout when it came to the layout design. Using master pages made my life a whole lot easier for making everything match completely. I also learned how to work within Shutterfly to print the book. After learned how to do this and seeing how it turned out, I am more confident in doing it the next time for other things I may design.