For this project, I was to completely brand the Law and Justice Program at Wesley College. I wanted to create a branding package that was going to help the program attract prospective students to this program. I have created three variation of logos, a mailer, a brochure, a letter head, a brochure, power point templates, pens, t-shirts, bags, and social graphics. It is important for this program to have all of these design elements to allow them to stand out compared to other programs at other colleges comparable to Wesley. A lot of the small division III Colleges/ Universities that are comparable to Wesley do not have specific logos made just for their Law and Justice Programs. The Law and Justice program is a stepping stone for those who are interested in a career in the Legal or Criminal Justice field. This is a professional area of study that many law schools look at when considering students to continue their education into law school. The purpose of branding this program is to show students the level of professionalism as well as commitment this program has to educating their students.