This project was about creating an overall surreal image by using many images together. I really love working with nature images so I knew I wanted to do something around those lines. I used a few photos in that were taken during the winter months so that the snow would be consistent throughout the final image. I blended the images together so it would look like a complete picture and then added the image of the person holding the phone to capture the surreal part. I got my photos off of and I did all of the edits in Adobe Photoshop.

 I learned that by adding just one more image to your project can really change the mood or feel of the overall image. I added a frosted texture to the top of the image and change the layer settings to enhance the winter time feeling. I also learned how to use a realistic background and combine it with an unrealistic idea to make a unique, simple design. I first made the background by combining many images to make one full image. After that looked realistic to me, I then added the surreal touch with the phone and arm coming in from the side. I wanted to make sure everything looked the same throughout because of the snow throughout each image is going to be a little different.