This project was about creating a surreal image using Photoshop and Lightroom. I first had to take a high quality photo of myself, so I chose to take a picture of myself holding a blanket as a prop. I knew I wanted to create a smoked effect on the edges of something so that is when I decided to use the blanket. After I got my image and what I planned to do with it, I edited my photo in Lightroom using the basic techniques for my lighting and editing my face. After that was finished I had to start on the tutorial, which included masking my images and downloading brushes to give that smoke effect. I edited my self portrait in Adobe Lightroom and I added the smoke effect in Adobe Photoshop.

 I learned how to use different brushes to create a smoke effect on my images. I love the look that the different brushes offer to the effect I was going for on my picture and how it blended in with the nature background. I also learned how to use props and poses to get the perfect picture for each specific project. I also learned how to use both Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance my effects for this tutorial. It was easy to work in-between the two to get the best look for my project.